Anna Lisa Gert

Anna Lisa Gert
Cognitive Science
Professional Knowledge
EEG Signal Processing

Data cleaning, Filtering, ICA, Time-Frequency (Wavelets / Hilbert / Multi-Taper), ERPs


5+ year experience.


Started to learn, modifying and analyzing eye-tracking data


Experience with EyeLink II + 1000, PupilLabs Mobile Eyetracker

Most findings in cognitive psychology are researched in the lab. How do these findings generalize to the real world? What happens when we move on from closely and artificially controlled environments and allow the brain to work in a complex and variable world.

Publication List
Ehinger, Fischer, Gert, Kaufhold, Weber, Pipa, König – Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Kinesthetic and vestibular information modulate alpha activity during spatial navigation: a mobile EEG study2014
Martens, Gert, Gruber – Neuroreport
Influences of encoding and retrieval on the steady-state visual evoked potential2012
Kietzmann, Gert, König – Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Representational dynamics of facial viewpoint encoding2016